INDUSTRIAL roller Vertical Mill Repair and installation

Roller vertical mill

Removed and Installed 4 mill journals
Inspected and repaired 4 roller arms
Replaced bonnets and strippers
Inspected and repaired mill separators
Replaced dam ring

We know how important it is to perform a safe and reliable job to keep your vertical mill working with as few stoppages as possible. While working on site, we monitor safety and all activities throughout each project.

Southern Welding facilities are equipped with all the necessary plate rolls, structural rolls, turning rolls, plasma tables, brake presses, and band saws, needed to perform most fabrication products in house and we utilized our certified, self-sufficient welders to work on-site. Our facilities comply with all required OSHA and MSHA safety requirements.


More than 40 employees were on site
14 day job, 2 shifts - 12 hr shifts per day
Direct supervision for safety 24/7
Use and coordination of high-capacity cranes
Daily safety mobile equipment inspections
Proper and safe use of plasma

Structure // Southern Welding // July 2022 // Clinchfield, GA

Several years in the grinding industry give our supervisors in the field the ability to understand where they need to check, how to inspect the equipment and when something needs to be fixed. We know about tolerances on the wear and tear of parts and can identify possible failures due to parts damages that are part of every job.

Daily Safety Meetings Before Work Begins