Company Updates

As a company that provides oil refinery maintenance services, Southern Welding understands the critical role that maintenance and repair scheduling plays in operational efficiency and safety.

As a company that provides industrial welding services to heavy industries, including power plants, Southern Welding understand the critical role that mechanical welding plays in the repair and maintenance of these facilities

Max Boston

Team Highlight: Max Boston

With his experience in a hands-on role, Max knows that it’s crucial to fully understand a customer’s needs and be absolutely certain that the company can meet them.

Cement plant

Industrial welding is an essential part of this process and plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of cement and lime plants.

On the Job - Southern Welding

In the world of industrial manufacturing, things have to be done right — the first time. Sacrificing quality or safety is never an option. All industrial facilities rely on outside service providers to complete specialized projects that can’t be done, or done quickly enough, using internal company resources.

Welding Types Explained

Welding is a critical process used in many industries to join materials together in a strong and permanent way. It is a complex process that requires a skilled welder, the right equipment and the right type of welding for the job.