We fabricate solutions for industrial plants throughout the U.S.


There isn’t much we haven’t seen while on the job, repairing and upgrading plants throughout the country. We work at almost every type of industrial plant and can help you with upgrades and repairs with any aspect and piece of equipment needed at the plant. Below are a few examples of work we’ve done recently in different industries. While we can’t do everything, we do what we say we’re going to do. That promise is one of the things that has kept us thriving throughout the last 15+ years in business.

Cement Industry

Roller Vertical Mill

  • -Removed and installed 4 mill journals
  • -Inspected and repaired 4 roller arms
  • -Replaced bonnets and strippers
  • -Inspected and repaired mill separator
  • -Replaced mill liners
  • -Replaced dam ring

Aggregates Industry

Conveyer Belt Repair

-Fabricated 3,000 ft. long conveyor belt with large channels of 8” roller bases

-Installed more than 1,000 load rollers and 750 return rollers

-Built supports for head and tail pulleys

-Installed safety device throughout the entire band –“pull cords”

-Fabricated and installed bin hoppers for all the transferences

-Installed walkway and handrails

Paper Mill

Furnace Repairs

-Refractory Services, including, but not limited to: inspection, demo and installation

-Removed anchors

-Welded new anchors, on-site 

-Metallic repairs

-Technical support on-site throughout the project to collect data  

-Gunite used for light weight insulation

Power Plant

Reverse Air Dust Collector Upgrade

Reverse bag house technology

Bags size of 30 ft height

Removed and replaced around 15,500 pcs of dust collector bags

Replaced and fixed dust collector hardware including: Fittings, Flexible hoses, Pressure gauges, Air Filter-Regulator-Dryer Systems


Safety, Downtime hours, and quality all matter. Not compromising one for the others is the key to success. We don’t claim to do it all. We do what we say we are going to do.