Cement and lime

We know Cement Plants because we came from working in Cement Plants. We keep things running.

Southern serves virtually every aspect of cement and lime facilities efficiently and affordably. We are available 24/7 for any maintenance, repair or upgrade to keep your facility operational and performing as optimally as possible. 

Our services include:

  • Mechanical

We handle everything related to the mechanical aspects of production plants including repairs to existing systems and the installation of new equipment. Our team of dedicated technicians and welders will assess your project needs and deliver a quality solution in a timely manner. From kiln seals to stacks, we can repair anything you need in a cost-effective manner to keep production at full capacity. Our team has 250+ years combined experience in industrial fabrication and maintenance. Our experienced engineers can solve any problem in conjunction with our fabricators.

  • Welding Fabrication

Our team of certified welders can produce creative solutions for any production issues. We work with steel, stainless, aluminum and copper. Our fabricators can increase production efficiency through creative fabrication in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Whether its a kiln end, ram pusher, segmented damper or heat exchanger, we can provide a custom quality product for your plant.

  • Repairs

We keep your plant running after a shutdown by dedicating our talented group of welders, engineers and staff to 24/7 shifts until your plant is back to 100% operational capacity. We have experience repairing almost every piece of equipment involved in the cement and lime sector of industrial production. From dust collectors to large stacks and equipment, we repair it all in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential to a successful operation and we take it seriously. We offer preventative maintenance plans for our customers and are available 24/7 for emergency maintenance. Annual maintenance for all systems is essential. We have experience maintaining all facets of the cement and lime production process. If a conveyor goes out, we will have it up and running for our customers faster than anyone else in the market.  We have extensive maintenance experience with mills, dust collectors, stacks, kilns, conveyors, heat shields…you name it, we can fix it.  When assessing specific projects, we will also take an overarching look at other systems and recommend preventative maintenance to prevent future issues. 

How We Do Things The Southern Way

We know how disruptive a shut down can be because we’ve worked in them and therefore know how important it is to restore operations quickly, cost effectively and safely.

  • 250+ collective years working on-site at Cement and Lime facilities around the country
  • 24 hour response time -- you have an issue, we'll be on-site in less than 24 hours
  • Safety is the #1 priority for Southern
  • We are committed to leaving every job site in better condition than when we arrived. We get in and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible

We created Southern as the solution we couldn’t find as plant and maintenance managers. Because of that, we are built with speed and customer service in mind. We are committed to responding to all customer inquiries within 24 hours. For immediate services, call us at (469) 517-0410 or email sales@southernwelding.com.

Cement Industry

Roller Vertical Mill

  • -Removed and installed 4 mill journals
  • -Inspected and repaired 4 roller arms
  • -Replaced bonnets and strippers
  • -Inspected and repaired mill separator
  • -Replaced Mill liners
  • -Replaced dam ring

Cement Industry

Clinker Cooler Repairs

  • -800 plates and 3 sections repaired
  • -Completed demo of all internal and external components, including complete drive system
  • -Fabrication and installation of all new interior beams
  • -Provided complete elevation and alignment of interior moveable frame
  • -Fabrication of new internal and external drive system
  • -Installation and alignment of all stationery and moveable grate support beams
  • -Installation of all new cooler grates and adjust to proper gap settings
  • -Conducted test run of clinker cooler with plant personnel and released back to the customer