Repair and recondition clinker cooler

Clinker Cooler – 800 plates & 3 sections cooler

The cooling of the clinker is one of the final stages in the clinker manufacturing process and represents a key part in the quality of the clinker. Every time we repair and recondition a clinker cooler, we have safety and quality in mind at all times. Our team has been repairing and reconditioning clinker coolers for customers throughout the country for over a decade.


Complete demo of all internal and external components including complete drive system

Fabrication and installation of all new interior beams

Installation of new internal and external drive system

Provide complete elevation and alignment of interior moveable frame

Installation and alignment of all stationery and moveable grate support beams

Installation of all new cooler grates and adjust to proper gap settings

Conducted test run clinker cooler with plant personnel and released back to customer

 Southern Welding // Monte // May 2019// Laramie, WY

Years of hard work in the industry give us the experience and the knowledge to design the safest and best procedures to move the heavy plates into the clinker cooler.