13’6” x 388’ Industrial Kiln Stack Fabrication and Installation for a clinker production system

Technical Design + Planning
Existing Stack Removal
Fabrication of New Stack
Material Negotiations

Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to design and fabricate the stack. We focused on minimizing downtime needed for installation as well as developed a product that would last substantially longer than the previous stack.

Southern Welding facilities are equipped with the necessary plate rolls, structural rolls, turning rolls, plasma tables, brake presses, and band saws needed to perform most fabrication products in house. Our facilities comply with all required OSHA and MSHA safety requirements.

We are a certified fabrication shop that can conform to a wide range of codes, including but not limited to, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6, and AISC 360. S.B.

- Multiple site visits were made to verify dimensions and identify any possible issues that could arise during the demo and installation process.
- Negotiated material pricing to ensure competitive pricing and lead time for our customer


Technical Design + Planning
Existing Stack Removal
48’ Sections Fabricated at our Facilities
Material Negotiations
Base Materials all 316 Stainless Steels
Fabricated in Strict Accordance
with AWS D1.6 Code
Delivered and installed in XX Timeframes

Setting up the Crane System // Fabricating the New Sections // Removal of the Dated Cement Kiln Stack

After setting up the crane system, multiple site visits are made to field verify dimensions and locate any possible interferences or issues that could arise during the demo and installation process. New sections were then fabricated at the Southern facilities while the old stack was removed from the plant.

Before erection begins, the foundation must be inspected.

Seamless Transportation and Timely Delivery


After each segment of new duct is set in place the elevation is checking according to approved drawings and each segment is checked for level.