Safety at Southern Welding

Workplace safety is crucial in any industry, especially in fields that involve high-risk activities such as industrial repairs and welding. At Southern Welding, we have a “safety first” philosophy from the top down, and the company takes every measure to ensure the safety of its employees, local facility staff, and everyone involved.


Safety from the Top Down
One of the key members of the safety team at Southern Welding is Susan Raburn, who has been with the company since October 2013. Susan Raburn started her career at Southern Welding as a tool trailer attendant, responsible for preparing daily safety paperwork, repairing tools, and keeping track of the team’s time. With her dedication and hard work, she moved up the ranks and took on more responsibilities. In her early days, Susan witnessed firsthand how Southern Welding prioritized safety, and she quickly adopted the company’s “safety first” philosophy.

Working in the field allowed Susan to gain valuable hands-on experience, and in 2017, she started conducting MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) classes at Southern Welding. She became responsible for training new hires and conducting certification classes, ensuring that all employees are aware of the risks and hazards associated with the job and the steps they can take to minimize those risks.

Over the years, Susan has been instrumental in ensuring that all equipment and tools used at Southern Welding are up to the company’s standards. Susan officially received the title of Assistant Safety Director in October 2022, and in this role, Susan oversees the tool trailers, keeps track of inventory and supplies, and inspects rig trucks. She’s still responsible for conducting MSHA certification classes, and ensuring that all employees are in compliance with MSHA and Southern Welding rules and regulations.

Susan’s experience working in the field has allowed her to more effectively teach the MSHA classes and communicate exactly what people should expect, what potential hazards to watch for, and how to keep the job site as safe as possible. She knows the job inside out and understands the risks and hazards associated with this business. As a result, Susan is a valuable member of the Southern Welding team, and her dedication to her work is unparalleled.


How We Prioritize Safety
At Southern Welding, safety is not just a priority, it’s a way of life. The company understands the risks and hazards associated with the industrial maintenance environment, complicated repairs, and welding, and it takes every measure to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Southern Welding provides regular safety training to its employees, and all workers are required to wear appropriate safety gear at all times.

In addition to regular safety training, Southern Welding conducts safety audits to identify potential hazards and risks. The company has a robust safety management system in place that ensures that all employees are aware of the safety procedures and protocols. The safety management system includes hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures. Southern Welding is certified by AVETTA, which assures compliance with industry-standard safety programs, implementation, policies, and training.



Workplace safety is and will always be of the highest priority. At Southern Welding, safety is a way of life, and the company takes every measure to ensure the safety of its employees. Susan Raburn is a key member of the safety team at Southern Welding, and her dedication and hard work are a testament to the company’s commitment to safety. As a result of Southern Welding’s commitment to safety, the company has a great safety record, and its employees can work with confidence, knowing that their safety is a top priority.